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Comprehensive Muscular Preparation™ (CMP) 

CMP is the core of all of the programs that Myotopia designs. Created and facilitated by exercise scientists, CMP is a fully customized, interdisciplinary process that enhances the performance of the neuromuscular system. The results - increased control, strength, endurance, and flexibility. CMP also provides solutions to acute or chronic issues that may be impeding your strength, speed, endurance, or recovery from an injury. CMP gets your muscles ready to safely and comfortably participate in the activities you enjoy. 


Transition from Post-Rehab to Peak Performance

Pain, stiffness, or weakness can make participating in your favorite activities daunting, if not impossible. Perhaps you've tried everything and you still aren't ready to get back to your normal routine. The Bridge is a multifaceted program that addresses the discomfort, stiffness, and weakness that prevents you from getting the most out of your workouts or from participating in your favorite activities. You will work one-on-one with our exercise scientist (for the entire session) who will design and guide you through your customized exercise sessions. By using our unique, evidence-based process, we create a safe transition from post-rehab, back to peak performance and feeling your best. 

For Golf, Tennis, and Polo Professionals and Enthusiasts

You want to improve your game. Most golf and tennis enhancement programs focus on developing your core strength. While the core is important, getting the most from your golf or tennis swing requires strength, power, and mobility from every muscle and joint, head to toe. So, from your feet, knees, and hips to your core, shoulders, wrists and elbows, The Swing is designed to optimize your body to suit your game. The Swing is a unique, evidence-based process to assess your mechanics and design a plan to enhance what needs improvement, and maintain what is in perfect order. You will work one-on-one with our exercise scientist (for the entire session) who will design and guide you through your customized exercise sessions. The result - a more consistent, fluid, powerful swing. 

Strong, Flexible Body and Mind

Staying limber, strong, and agile in both body and mind takes specific know how. If you are not naturally flexible, have lost your flexibility, or perhaps you are too bendy, we use our unique strategy to help you gain better control and access to your range of motion. 

Just as your body needs specific stimulation to maintain health, your mind needs it, too. Neuroscientists have shown that specific exercise conditions prime the brain for structural change, creating the opportunity for changes in your mind. So, for your The Mindful Motion Profile™, we design your exercises to match those conditions and help you place your mind on specific attributes that you want to cultivate. Your Mindful Motion Profile™ is composed to promote a healthy body and mind.

A Workout With Your Name On It

Finding a sustainable exercise program that works for you isn't easy. Maybe you feel stuck in your progress toward your goals. Perhaps it just takes too much time. Which workout is best for you? Which one is most effective? Will it eventually cause an injury, like the last time? Did you even see the results that you wanted the last time? In addition, exercise can be boring, too intense, impersonal, painful, stress inducing, and so demanding in time and effort that it is unsustainable.

MyoTopia offers a unique training experience that solves these problems and it has your name all over it: The (Your Name Here) Workout™.  We have the equipment, the knowledge, and the know how to help you get what you want from your body. What makes the (Your Name Here) Workout™ so unique? It’s all about you. Based on your needs, abilities, preferences and goals, every aspect of the (Your Name Here) Workout™ is custom designed for you. In each session, our exercise scientists will guide you through your efficient, safe, and invigorating workout. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.


Inquisitive Exercise, Fitness, and Medical Professionals

You are at the top of your profession and you still crave more answers and ideas about how to increase the efficacy of what you do. Or perhaps you are new to your profession and you are trying to increase the value of your skills. The Force and the Nervous System and Strategic Force Application courses are opportunities to learn about the latest research and insights about how our tools work. These courses are vibrant, interactive workshops where evidence is presented, ideas are shared, and practical application is put into action.

Force and the Nervous System Part 1: Principles of Human Motion

Force and the Nervous System Part 2: Mindful Motion





Before I started [the CMP program], my body constantly broke down and I was frequently visiting doctors for a variety of baseball-related injuries. Jacques is the only person who has been able to put me back together and keep me running. I have been injury-free and healthy since I first started seeing Jacques. I do not know where my career would be with out him.
— J.Y Hidden Hills, CA