Jacques H. Newell Taylor

Founder, RTSM 

Jacques is a neuroscientist and exercise scientist. He is the founder of MyoTopia, developer of the CPM program, and one of the founding members of the Muscle System Consortia

Jacques is keenly interested in elucidating and exploiting the relationships between physical performance, mental performance, and personal transformation. He works with clients to help them prevent and recover from injury, and develop training programs that stimulate optimal, mindful performance. 

Jacques also travels the country teaching healthcare and fitness professionals about trenchant concepts in biomechanics, exercise mechanics, neurophysiology, and joint health.

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Alex Newell

RYT500, Yoga, Pilates

Alex Newell (E-RYT500) has been a certified yoga instructor since 2007, and a certified Pilates Mat teacher since 2008. She has completed a 500-hour training in the hot yoga lineage, as well as a 200-hour certification in Anusara Yoga™. She is certified to teach all levels of Pilates Mat through Power Pilates™.

A dedicated student of anatomy, biomechanics, and neurophysiology, Alex’s goal is to empower each of her students to honor and celebrate the uniqueness of their individual body. Through individual evaluations Alex helps guide her students through safe and effective explorations of their practice, and specializes in working with young children. Recently, Alex was selected as "Yoga Teacher of the Year" by online magazine, in honor of her work with adults and children in the Los Angeles area.