Comprehensive Muscle Preparation™(CMP) 

Created by exercise scientists, CMP is a process that enhances the performance of the neuromuscular system

Why is neuromuscular enhancement so important? Exercise scientists have shown that achieving the benefits of exercise depends on specific changes in the neuromuscular system. Without these changes, exercise is a frustrating and often futile endeavor. So my colleagues, fellow exercise scientists from around the world, and I scoured the literature to find the best ways to stimulate these necessary changes in the neuromuscular system. Our examination of the literature and years of investigation led Jacques to the develop Comprehensive Muscle Preparation™ (CMP): a fully customized, interdisciplinary process that enhances the performance of the neuromuscular system. As such, CMP can improve or maintain:

  • agility, balance, and flexibility

  • joint function and ease of motion

  • strength, endurance, and power

  • performance in your favorite activities and sports

  • and body composition.

CMP provides you with solutions to acute or chronic issues that may be impeding your strength, speed, endurance, or recovery from an injury. It is also a perfect complement to your current exercise program. It leads to more productive exercise sessions and more efficient attainment of fitness, performance, and health related goals. 

CMP is the core of all of the programs that Myotopia designs.

Here's the process:

1. To begin, we want to know all about you. From your health history and limitations, to the activities that you really enjoy, we want to get a clear picture of how you use your body. We want to know about your vision of optimal physical and mental health, your short and long term fitness/wellness goals, etc. Prior to your complementary, introductory CMP session, we will send you our questionnaire to collect this information.

2. At your first CMP session, we’ll use our unique assessment procedure to measure the current performance of your muscles and joints. We will measure and evaluate:

  • The quality and amount of motion at specific joints in your body
  • Your neuromusculoskeletal system’s ability to generate force in specific muscle groups
  • Your neuromusculoskeletal system’s ability to accurately control specific joints.

You will also have the experience of performing exercises designed just for you.

3. Based on the information gathered and our observations from your session, we will help you understand the current state of your physiology and lay out a plan to improve what needs work and maintain what is in perfect order. 

4. Just as your body needs specific stimulation to maintain health, your mind needs it, too. Neuroscientist have shown that specific exercise conditions prime the brain for structural change, creating the opportunity for changes in your mind. So, we design and your exercises to match those conditions and help you place your mind on specific attributes that you want to cultivate. Exercise fostering conditions that lead to Neuroplasticity: truly a mind altering experience. 

5. Considering your needs, goals, and preferences, for each subsequent session, we design customized exercises and use leading edge fitness equipment and take you through an invigorating workout or movement session. You are now engaged in the process of improving the capability of your neuromuscular system and the discipline of your mind.

6. Accountability: We want to make sure that we are efficiently moving toward achieving your goals. You will help us decide how often and in what ways we want to measure your progress.


What our clients say

“After getting rear ended in an automobile accident I tried everything to rehab my shoulder injury. Weekly sport massage, chiropractor, Pilates, and PT but eventually had to give up running all together. Then I met Jacques. [Soon] I was pain free and back running. Jacques is a master and brilliant at what he does.”
ELI, Dana Point, CA
“During two different patches of what seemed like intractable pain in my life, he did what no other practitioner was able to do: eliminate the pain and return me to my life.”
 HF, Sherman Oaks, CA

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