Force and the Nervous System Course 2 (FNS2) taught by Jacques H. Taylor, RTSm and MATm in Los Angeles

About the Force and the Nervous System® Course Series 

FNS1 and FNS2 are Resistance Training Specialist® (RTS) Mastery Courses.  All fitness, health care, and wellness professionals are welcome.


FNS2: Mindful Motion

In FNS1, we looked at how physical activities shape the body by stimulating the tissues to adapt. It turns out that physical activity also shapes the brain. Under specific conditions, contracting muscles produce hormones that can change the structure of the brain and therefore, the products of your mind. FNS2 is an exploration of the physics, biochemistry, and neurophysiology that lead to these mind-altering changes.

This course is about developing tools to help ourselves and our clients shift - body, brain, and mind. FNS2 is a movement oriented course. Participants will experience the practical application of material that is covered in a variety of physical scenarios. Over 2.5 days, we will review and give more detail to the specific hormone cascades initiated by physical activity that impact behavior, mood, immune function, endocrine activity, muscle and connective tissue adaptation. The emphasis in FNS2 is on practical experiences providing the opportunity to explore the following:

  • The malleable and inextricable relationship between the mind and the body.
  • The neuroanatomical, neuromuscular, and arthrokinematic affects of “Just doing It”.
  • A detailed look at the effects of stress on the brain, spinal cord, endocrine system, and skeletal muscle.
  • How to strategically use the entirety of the exercise experience (to be defined/refined in class) to get what you want from your body/mind.
  • Are there limits to the efficacy of counting reps, telling people to breath, and cojoling people to work harder?
  • What is the purpose of the brain? What is the purpose of the mind? Is there a difference? Why should you care?
  • In addition to positively affecting body composition, blood pressure, flexibility, strength, self esteem, etc., can exercise have a positive affect on our families and community at large?
  • Strategically train the mind while training the body. Why should you care? I hypothesize that strategically training the brain is the difference between attaining/maintaining goals and giving up or regressing. It is the difference between sustainable fitness/strength and cycles of injury/lack of time/laziness. In the next FNS series, I will lay out the neuroscience that shows how your mind is being trained while you are exercising weather you realize it or not.  We will discuss how exercise can produce hormones that prepare the brain to structurally change. So if your thoughts, attitudes and patterns of behavior are haphazard or opposite of the mental attributes that you want to cultivate or that need to be cultivated in order to achieve and maintain your goals, failure is inevitable. Garbage in, garbage out applies perfectly here.

Attendees will participate in a range of physical activities to demonstrate the application of the subjects that are discussed. Be prepared to move. Our study and practical exploration will allow us to create an endless library of beneficial and propitiously mind/body altering exercises and activities.


FNS2 is only held in Los Angeles, New York, and Spain.

In Los Angeles, our classroom is in the middle of a beautiful state park in the Santa Monica Mountains. This makes for a rich learning environment.


About the teacher

All of MyoTopia's courses are taught by Jacques H. Newell Taylor. He is an exercise scientist and neuroscientist with over 25 years of education and experience in the fields of applied neuroscience and exercise science. While Jacques developed MyoTopia's continuing education series and the CMP process, he is grateful for the collaboration with his colleagues and supportive community of exercise professionals that enabled him to do so.







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