Liberation - A sequence of specific movements and sensory stimulation customized to improve the motion of your joints, your strength, and sense of control. As a part of this process, you will learn to maintain your strong and liberated body.

The Bridge - A customized program designed to foster the transition from post-rehab back to peak performance.

The Swing - For golf, tennis, and polo professionals and enthusiasts seeking to improve their game.

The Mindful Motion Profile™ - For people interested in developing and maintaining a strong, flexible body and mind.

The (Your Name Here) Workout™ - It's not just exercise, it’s a sustainable, energizing program tailored for the individual. After all, it's a workout with your name on it. 

Comprehensive Muscle Preparation™ (CMP)

CMP is the core of all of the programs that MyoTopia designs. Created and facilitated by exercise scientists, CMP is a fully customizable, interdisciplinary process that enhances the performance of the neuromuscular system.



Inquisitive Exercise, Fitness, and Medical Professionals

You are at the top of your profession and you still crave more answers and ideas about how to increase the efficacy of what you do. Or perhaps you are new to your profession and you are trying to increase the value of your skills. The Force and the Nervous System and Strategic Force Application courses are opportunities to learn about the latest research and insights about how our tools work. These courses are vibrant, interactive workshops where evidence is presented, ideas are shared, and practical application is put into action.

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