The Exercise Design Lab

The Exercise Design Lab: A Study Group

We are a group of exercise professionals exploring ways of enhancing our understanding and application of exercise science. We use physics, joint structure and function, and FNS principles as a context for discussion/application. Our next meeting:

Strength LA - 2527 W 237th street, Torrence, CA
March 10th, from 1:30 to 5:30pm

In this highly interactive, practical course we explore how the neuromuscular system responds to the  exercises we design. Using the Delsys Trigno surface EMG system, we will observe, in realtime, how the design of equipment (free weights to Pilates equipment to body weight), the object(s) of focus, length of the repetition, amount of effort, fatigue, etc. determine muscular participation. Then we'll use the information to rethink our exercise design strategies to suit the needs of an individual's goals. This is a study group and NOT a seminar or CEU course. All are welcome!