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FNS2: Mindful Motion (Los Angeles)

  • Temescal Gateway State Park Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 USA (map)

Prerequisite FSN1


Over 2.5 days, we will review and give more detail to the specific hormone cascades initiated by physical activity that impact behavior, mood, immune function, endocrine activity, etc., which in turn effect the physical response of your musculoskeletal system. A large portion of the course will be practical experiences providing the opportunity to explore the following:

  • The malleable and inextricable relationship between the mind and the body.
  • The neuroanatomical, neuromuscular, and arthrokinematic affects of “Just doing It”.
  • How to strategically use the entirety of the exercise experience (to be defined/refined in class) to get what you want from your body/mind.

Attendees will participate in a range of physical activities to demonstrate the application of the subjects that are discussed. Be prepared to move. Our study and practical exploration will allow us to create an endless library of beneficial and propitiously mind/body altering exercises and activities.


FNS2 is only held in Los Angeles.

Our classroom is in the middle of a beautiful state park in the Santa Monica Mountains. This makes for a rich learning environment.


About the teacher

All of MyoTopia's courses are taught by Jacques Henri Taylor. He is a neuroscientist, certified as a MAT and RTS master level specialist. He has been a member of the teaching staff for both organizations for over ten years. 


What students say about the class

"I'm just very grateful for all the things FNS is helping me see. Today it helped me home in on what I'd like to be a guiding principle of the way I work with people: ease. Making change as easy as it can possibly be, because if it needs to be hard it will be hard enough by itself without us making it any more difficult."

–  Martina A. Muscle Activation Training Specialist



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